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Integrated Advisors Network: May 2020 Survey

May 2020 survey show advisors well prepared to transition to “work from home” and taking advantage of technology to better serve clients.

Palos Verdes Estates - Integrated Advisors Network shares results from a May 2020 survey to better understand how a network of over 30 advisor firms from across the country are collectively adjusting to “work-from-home” and the current environment.  

57% of advisor survey respondents indicated that all staff was working from home. While 43% had a few key employees working in the office and rest are at home. 

From a communication perspective, almost all advisors embraced using multiple ways of being in touch with clients. Not surprising, email was the method of choice with 100% of the advisors, 96% used phone and text too. 78% indicated that utilizes video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Skype. While over 50% leveraged their website blogs and newsletter and 27% posted to social media to update clients.

From a service perspective, survey respondents indicated that their current operations did not change and the technology that served them best included; Tamarac, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Redtail.

When it came to the biggest lessons learned during this environment that they will continue to use in their practice, advisors the responses ranged from; the benefit of being agile, the significance of constant communication and updates, the ability to actually work from home fairly efficiently, how being virtual added value to team calls, leveraging video conferencing, digital paperwork, and multiple methods of communication/getting a message out and at a higher frequency, and the importance of keeping all documents stored in one place.

When asked what has been their biggest takeaway? 43% said connecting with clients on a more frequent basis was most important. A shared sentiment among advisors was they were prepared and it was business as usual in many ways other than being in a work-from-home environment.

“From the day an advisory firm joins our network, we provide them with their own private cloud environment. Because of this, all of our advisory firms and their employees can securely log on to their custom cloud for instant access to all of their applications, data, and email at all times from home or wherever they happen to be located,” stated Michael Young, President of Integrated Advisors Network.For media inquiries, please contact Linda Pix at 


About Integrated Advisors Network 

Integrated Advisors Network is an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser offering a “supported independence” business model to advisors who want to run their own business without bearing all of the cost and responsibilities associated with doing so. Through our strategic business alliances, we provide an integrated back-office technology and services platform that allows advisors to establish their personally branded investment adviser practice while leveraging the benefits of shared cost. We have created a unique and flexible environment that supports advisors during and after their transition to independence and allows them to do what they do best: service their clients. 

Integrated Advisors Network represents approximately $1.5 billion in assets under management, with 32 practices across the country.

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