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Why Us?

We offer a “supported independence” model that allows advisors to run their business the way they want. 

The key features and benefits of Integrated Advisors Network for Member Advisers are:

  • Real Independence. Integrated replicates the advantages of Advisors setting up their own firm without the cost.  Advisors build and retain 100% of the equity of their practice by contractually giving them control of client relationships/data. Advisors create their firm identity by operating under their own business name (DBA) that includes disclosures and agreements customized only to their practice.  Advisors can add structure to their practice by adding other advisory practices or just other individual advisers with or without an override.  An added attraction is that the Integrated platform becomes a selling point to attract other firms/advisers. 
  • Complete/Flexible Platform. We have an open architecture platform that allows advisors to choose their own investments, strategies and service providers. Through our strategic business alliances we provide a best-of-breed turnkey technology and mid/back office support.  The variety of available services provides economy of scale to all of Member Advisor teams regardless of size thus opening up a host of other avenues for Member Advisors to expand service offerings and grow their  business.
  • Firm But Fair Compliance. Through affiliation with our sister firm, Compliance Works Inc., we have an experienced proactive in-house compliance department with a Chief Compliance Officer that specializes in common sense compliance solutions that protect against negative financial or reputational regulatory issues.  Integrated Advisors is the only firm of its type that has a viable compliance consulting/outsourcing firm riding in the navigator’s seat.
  • Transition Expertise. We will help you every step of the way starting with coaching you through the entire process to minimize client interruptions and smooth the transition process.  Our new Member Advisors do not bear the whole work burden of the transition.  An efficient transition allows our Advisors to rapidly move from the transition stage to focusing on growing their practice and working with their clients.

Integrated Advisors Network

75 Malaga Cove Plaza, Suite 11, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

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Investment Advisory Services are offered through Integrated Advisors Network, LLC.


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